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A sunny day in Collins Street

Even during the winter season, when the sunshines and in Melbourne is very pleasant for a walk. My favourite street in the City is Collins street. Beautiful hotels and bars, great restaurants to discover in the lane ways running off and of course the place to be for a window to all the fashion brands, watchmakers and jewellers. The Italians and Frenchs luxury brands are all here. Anyway I believe that the most interesting store are Australians, Harrolds and Henry Bucks. Today I am wearing Luigi
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Melbourne, city of street art

When you walk in Melbourne, in the city or in the suburbs, you can easly recognize how clever have been the people here. They have allocated many spots, back or hidden side of building, sometimes front of old one to be decorated by street artists. Those talented guys, proudly, every day make their best to creat modern work of art to give colours and enrich the beautiful environment. So today I have added a touch of British style to my outfit. Burberry sartorial blazer and the classic cachemire
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Melbourne best place to relax

Winter is coming in Melbourne, anyway the environment is still plenty of colours. Today I have been inspired by this sky and I am wearing a very light blue blazer, Prince of Wales in a precious wool by Luigi Bianchi Mantova. This soft wool turtle neck Gransasso as a perfect match with the red colour in the check. A neutral colour with a strong personality as my Faconnable trousers, so white, what else?. By the way, I have been bold and I have worn a red with a green poix Gallo socks. My testa
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Autumn shades

It’s a sunny and warm Sunday afternoon. The autumn is coming and I can see my favourite colours all around. And I like to wear following the season shades. Today blue sky and light brown are my colours. It’s a great match. I love it!
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Gianni Agnelli style, big lapels

Once upon a time, l’avvocato Giovanni Agnelli owner of the Italian automibile empire FIAT, protagonist of the international jet set from the ’60 to the ’80, trend setter and among the best dressed gentlemen around the world. His nephew Lapo Elkann started few years ago his own label italian Independent, this double breasted belong to one of the early spring summer collection. It is a beutiful light cotton, sartorial deconstructered. I love the strong match between the checks blue and brown.
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Orange mood

My dear Gentlemen, I have to admitt that there are some brands from UK and France that I really love. They have heritage, they’re made with passion and knowledge. Here I am wearing the cool raincoat Mackintosh made in Scotland and the stylish brogue Tricker’s made in England.
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A green affair

My new beautiful green shoes. They are Tricker’s, among the best shoes made in England. They fit perfect with a classic italian outfit. Lardini blazer, tailor made shirt, Berwich trouser and Gallo socks. At the same time they’re cool with a suit or jeans. I really think I will love this shoes. Thanks to my friends of Di Pierro Brand Store for the shipping of this treasure!
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The last of the romantics, the white blazer

DETTAGLI PARTENOPEI febbraio 25. 2015
Once upon a time the white blazer. Hanfry Bogart, Cary Grant, Vittorio De Sica were used to wear it in lots of their movies. They were Gentlemen before to become iconic actors . I wear this one, sartorial, since ten years, once or twice in the summer, when I’m tan. It looks very good. With a white shirt and light blue trousers. Never forgetting a well matched pocket square, because as you know class is in the details.
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Five Gentleman’s must have #4

DETTAGLI PARTENOPEI febbraio 16. 2015
The cufflink, the most precious accessories for a Gentleman. Those in the picture are a true treasure made in ‘900 platinum and diamonds. Nowadays they are symbol not only of luxury style, overall a symbol of culture. As you know, class is in the details.
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